Why a Resource Site?

Welcome to the National Havurah Committee‘s Resource Site. We have undertaken this project as a way of supporting both existing independent havurot and minyanim, try and as a way to offer guidance and support to those people who are just starting to think about starting a new community or are in the first stages of starting a new community.

Using the categories menu on the left, rubella you will find articles and resources that fit into eight broad categories:

  • Getting Started: Help with policies, doctor outreach, and other foundational steps for starting, or improving, your minyan or havurah.
  • Havurah Judaism: What is Havurah Judaism? Bibliography and links about the movement and independent communities.
  • Services and Davening: Best practices for, and halachic (legal) issues concerning, prayer services.
  • Non-Davening Programming: Suggestions for programming other than prayer services.
  • Governance: Dynamics of groups and leadership models.
  • Finances: Applying for tax-exempt status as a religious organization.
  • Tikkun Olam: Social justice, social action, and community service.
  • Niggunim: Music, including audio links and other resources.

Tags on the right can be used to find specific topics within the broader categories. The larger the tag’s font size, the more articles have been given that tag.

Articles have been written by members of the NHC’s broad community. We encourage you to ask questions and leave suggestions in the comments for each article/post. Additionally, we welcome more articles! If you have a resource to share with the site, please email our resources team.

The links on this website represent places on the web that either feature or were recommended by members of the NHC community. The NHC lists them as a service, and does not necessarily endorse their content. If you want to suggest a link to be included on this page, please contact us.