Siddurs, and Benchers, and Downloads, oh my!

By: Benjamin Maron

A collection of resources for helping you and your community further supplement and explore prayers and Torah, physician plan services, misbirth and more:

  • Gather The People is a downloadable resources for preparing divrei Torah (words of Torah) and more.
  • Mechon Mamre lets you print sections from the Torah side-by-side in Hebrew and English, medical and in several other formats.
  • ScrollScraper lets you print a tikkun page (page for preparing to chant/learn Torah) for your Torah Reading.
  • Siddur Chaveirim Kol Yisrael, by the Progressive Chavurah/Siddur Committee, is a Friday night and Festival Evening siddur. It features transliteration, traditional text, gender neutral translations, and a multiplicity of voices in the commentary.
  • Siddur Eit Ratzon, by Joe Rosenstein, follows the same format as Siddur Chaveirim Kol Yisrael and has many kavvanot and meditations, as well as guideposts for learning and experiencing Jewish prayer services.
  • L’chu N’ran’nah is an egalitarian bencher used at the weddings and in the homes of many NHC members.
  • Az Yashir Moshe is a printable bencher in PDF format.
  • Green & Just Celebrations is a booklet published by Jews United for Justice, containing specific suggestions for how families can make purchasing choices for weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, etc., in ways that are mindful of workers’ rights and environmental impact.
  • HebCal is a perpetual Hebrew calendar that can be localized to your ZIP code.
  • Shabbat People, is a web application for signing up participants for services.

Benjamin Maron attended his first NHC Summer Institute as an Everett Fellow in 2006. He is on the NHC Board of Directors. He is chairing the 2010 Chesapeake Retreat.


1 Aharon Varady { 07.30.18 at 4:03 am }

Since this article was first published in December 2009, only a few months after we began our work, I’d like to add the Open Siddur Project to this list.

We began with the vision of building a digital archive of liturgy and prayer and ritual praxis, and an application where anyone could generate their own printable siddur online. Well, the latter part of this vision was too ambitious to manifest in the world as quickly as I’d hoped, but we’ve been ten years at work on the former. I hope that NHC folk may find our archive of prayer (historic and contemporary, familiar and obscure) to be useful for them. All material shared in the archive (that is not already in the Public Domain) is shared under Creative Commons Attribution or Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licensing by the copyright owners (translators, liturgists, etc.).

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