English Kaddish

By: Richard Heiberger

This kaddish was written in memory of Mary Morris Heiberger (1946-2003). The translation is in contemporary English, information pills and can be recited in synchrony with the Aramaic – the vernacular at the time kaddish was written. The translation maintains the same cadence, assonance, and meaning as the original.

Magnified and sanctified
is the name of Yah
in the world by will created.
May Yah’s governance govern
in your lifetime, and in your days,
and in the life of the Family Israel,
speedily, and in a time come near.
And we say:

We praise the Name of Yah, unceasing,
Eternally turning to eternity.

May it be blessed, and it be acclaimed,
and it be gloried, and it be adorned, and it be hailed,
and it be adored, and it be raised, and it be praised
—the name, the Holy Name, Blessèd Be—
far beyond any
blessings and hymns,
praises and solace
uttered in this world.
And we say:

May there be abundant peace from Heaven,
and life upon us and on all Israel.
And we say:

May the Maker of peace above
continue to make peace
upon us and on all Israel
and on the world wherein we dwell.
And we say:

Richard Heiberger has attended the NHC Summer Institute since 1992 and was Treasurer and member of the NHC Board from 2001-2006.


1 Patrick Byers { 05.30.13 at 11:47 am }

The humanity, scholarship and good will of Rich’s translation is a gift to his faith community for sure. It is also a tremendous gift of understanding to the community at large. Thank you Rich.

2 Exploring Kaddish: Some Resources and an Invitation | A Song Every Day { 07.13.14 at 7:57 pm }

[...] years ago, the Havurah Institute published Richard Heiberger’s translation. He designed the English to have the same “cadence, assonance and meaning” as the [...]

3 Alden Solovy { 08.11.15 at 6:22 pm }

It was a pleasure and an honor to hear Rich read his lovely interpretation/translation at the 2015 Summer Institute’s Prayer Slam.

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